Newsletter #211: October 2020

Inside this Issue

* In the Paris News this Week
* Drinking Local in Paris: Alternatives to the Usual Brands
* Mexico in Paris
* How to Farm in Paris (without owning land)
* Artisan Sorbet Shops in Paris
* Long-Term Bike Rental & Free Drawing
* Affordable Healthy Food Delivery
* Laundry Detergent “Made in Paris”
* Fun New Hotel, Bar & Food Market
* Roundup of Paris (Armchair) Entertainment

In the Paris News this Week

As Covid-19 hospitalizations continue to rise again, authorities in Paris ordered all bars to close at 10pm each night for two weeks. Although many events like the Nuit Blanche are still taking place this weekend, if the number of hospitalizations doesn’t level out by October 9th, the government warns the city’s bars and restaurants could face total closures (which has already happened in Marseille).

As the trial continues of the suspected accomplices in the deadly 2015 terrorist attacks at Charlie Hebdo and a Jewish supermarket, last Friday a Pakistani man seriously injured two people with a butcher’s knife in an